WorldReg Version 4.3 - Automated raster image registration software for MapInfo.

WorldReg runs within MapInfo and automates / eliminates the Image Registration process required by MapInfo, to display and use geo-referenced raster images.
WorldReg creates a MapInfo Table automatically, which is then used to open the geo-referenced raster image.

Enhancements made to version 4.3 include:

- Support for Portable Network Graphics  files (.png/.pgw).

Enhancements made to version 4.2 include:

- Support for JPEG 2000 World files (.j2w).

Enhancements made to version 4.1 include:

- Support for ER Mapper World Files (.eww)  and ER Mapper .ERS  files for automated registration of .ECW format images.

Enhancements made to version 4 include:

- Support for MrSid World Files (.sdw) for automated registration of MrSID format images.

-  Provides for batch conversions of coordinate system of registered raster tables.

- Offers an option to "Save Window as TAB", providing a means to create a registered Raster Image from all information currently displayed in the Map Window.

All features remain from Version 3.0 including:

- Support for standard Windows Shift/Control selection methods enabling users to select and process dozens of files with just a few key strokes.
- The ability to create a MapInfo "seamless" table incorporating all files in the process batch.
- The option to set "White" pixels as transparent at the time of raster table creation.
- Eliminates directory details in the MapInfo Table, if the Raster image and the MapInfo Table are found in the same location. This allows for the future transferring of files to alternate locations without the need of modifying the MapInfo Table.


Geo-reference formats supported include: the World File (.TFW, .BLW, .JPW, .SDW, Etc.), the BIL Header file (.HDR), compressed USGS DOQ header format and GEOTiff Version 1.  North American UTM zone coordinates in meters or feet and NAD27, NAD83 or WGS84 datum's are supported by default, thus the program is ideally suited for the USGS, 1:24,000 Quad map, Digital Raster Graphic files or Compressed Format Digital Ortho Quads (DOQ's). Offering automated and effortless access and registration of these raster files within MapInfo.

The MapInfo projection file may also be used to support additional coordinate systems throughout the world or user defined coordinate systems. With WorldReg images registered and rectified in ARC/INFO systems can now be accessed in MapInfo without the need of MapInfo’s image registration dialogue. Using WorldReg to register geo-referenced raster images for use with MapInfo insures the highest level of accuracy in regards to image registration.

The "Save Window as TAB" option provides a means to combine portions of several images into a single registered MapInfo Table.  

This feature is useful to help avoid the problems with MapInfo in printing raster files with transparent pixels set.  The new image which is saved from images with transparent pixels effectively eliminate the selected transparent pixels.  Since the image is saved as a registered MapInfo Raster table, the new table can be opened and used in place of the original images.  An option also provides for the ability to create a World File for the resulting image.  This allows users to share geo-referenced map images with users of ARC/INFO, ArcView and other GIS systems which support world files.  Copyright statements may also be embedded into the final image.

WorldReg  is used throughout the world.  Satisfied users include:

The  Freeware copy of WorldReg .mbx is available for download.  This version is limited to single file processing only and supports TIF/TFW, JPG/JGW or JPW, SID/SDW, BIL/BLW or HDR, and compressed USGS DOQQ files.

WorldReg retails for $69.00.   Requires MapInfo Version 7.5 or higher.

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