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 GIS/Mapping Software 

- Data Directions offers and supports the full line of Software products by Pitney Bowes/MapInfo.   To review the features of the latest  version of MapInfo Professional click here.   To compare past versions of MapInfo Professional click here.

MapInfo Professional v12.5 

  MapInfo Professional v12.5 is here!!!  Click for details.

    MapInfo Pro. v8+ users can share data on GoogleEarth!!  Click for details.


- Data Directions is also a Value Added Reseller for ESRI ArcGIS.  We also support and develop custom applications for ArcGIS v10.x as well as ArcPad Version 9.x+.  To review the full line of Software products by Environmental Systems Research Institute click here.

 To request a price quote for ArcView please email:  Sales@DataDirections.biz


XMap - the Affordable Choice for GIS Mapping Professionals.  XMap is a powerful and affordable GIS (Geographic Information System) software suite that represents the culmination of over thirty years of innovation in the field of spatial technology at DeLorme. XMap incorporates an extensive collection of GIS tools, and includes complete nationwide topographic and base map data,  into one desktop mapping engine resulting in a unique and versatile all-in-one mapping and GIS solution.  The entry level, Professional system retails for less the $300 and offers image registration, and support for ArcGIS Shape files and .sid and GeoTiff imagery.    The editor version at less then $800 offers the ability to import and integrate ArcGIS, MapInfo and AutoCad data into the GIS environment.  All packages support data transfers to/from the powerful and rugged Earthmate PN-GPS unit.    Attractive GIS/GPS package pricing is available.   For additional information to request a quote or demo call (541) 345-4MAP or email:  Sales@DataDirections.biz

New!! GPX_Tools - Convert XMap PN-GPS Form collected data directly to ArcGIS Shape Files.

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Field Mapping / Data Colleciton 

PNSeries GPS  DeLorme Earthmnate PN-Series GPS.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-Series GPS units are inexpensive WAAS enabled, highly sensitive GPS units that come standard with nationwide, USGS based topographic map data.  These units are capable of using aerial photography, satellite, or custom raster imagery as base layers as well.  Optional software enables integration of your GIS vector data (points, lines, and regions) with attributes.   New options also provide for Form Based GIS data collection.   These are the only GPS units which provide these capabilities in the price range (starting at just $300).  CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS or to download the  PN-Series comparison sheet click here.    For additional questions or to purchase call (541) 345-4MAP or email:  Sales@DataDirections.biz

Click to download .pdf detailing XMap custom Form creation for PN-Series GPS units.

Handheld USData Directions offers the complete line of products from Handheld US.  Rugged, GPS enabled PDA's, Tablets, barcode scanners and Notebook computers.  Units are custom configured to match the clients needs and Data Directions can provid ArcPAD customization as well. 

For the complete product line of Handheld-US offerings click: Here or call (541) 345-4MAP or email: 

GBM Mobile -  MapInfo based field mapping system by EXA-MIN Technologies.  GBM Mobile is a robust field mapping system supporting native MapInfo tables and imagery.   The package offers support for GPS, cameras, and lasers.  Includes form creation capabilities and sophisticated data management functions.  Multiple field mapping personnel can collect and update data and objects in the same table and integrate the user specific changes back into the master data files.  GBM Mobile is an ideal solution for multiple filed operators.    For additional details click here
For GBM Mobile questions or to purchase email: 

GeoCollector -  The GeoCollector package is a bundled solution featuring a Professional-Grade Trimble GeoExplorer integrated GPS/PDA field computer, preloaded with ArcPad  and the Trimble GPSCorrect extension for ArcPad.  The GeoCollector options include units which can achieve subfoot accuracy.  The ruggedized integrated handheld computer supports all Windows Mobile applications, includes Bluetooth and wireless capabilitiesAttractive bundled pricing for a professional grade field mapping system.   To download the GeoCollector Brochure click here
For additional questions or to purchase email: 

Tierra Mapper - Tierra Mapper by Geo-Information Solutions is an inexpensvie yet porwerful mobil mapping solution designed for the PocketPC.  Data support for both MapInfo software as well as ArcView .shp files.  For details click here

Tierra Mapper questions email:  Sales@DataDirections.biz

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MapBasic Utility Software 

Data Directions has also developed and markets a suite of MapBasic add-on utilities to enhance and further automate the capabilities of MapInfo. The most popular recent additions include:

Timberland Inventory / Management Utilities. -  2 new comprehensive utilities to assist with the management of timberlands.  To download a summary of the MapInfo based forestry tools click here.

MapBasic Utilities Bundle -  For just $99.00 choose 3 from selected MapBasic software products.

Address.MBX -  MapBasic utility designed to facilitate the maintenance of address ranges and street names of MapInfo Street data.

COGOLine Enhanced -  an improvement on the COGOLine program which ships with MapInfo Professional.

WorldReg Version 4   Automated raster image registration software for MapInfo.

WorldReg Ver. 4- PLUS   Automated raster image registration software with Raster Nautical Chart integration for MapInfo Professional.

Locate.MBX A MapInfo GPS location and navigational aide.  Now offered For Free!!

GeoSymbol.MBX   A MapInfo Geologic Symbol plotting utility.

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Custom Application Development

With over 20 years of professional experience as a Software Developer/Systems Analyst, Data Directions has developed a wide variety of solutions from simple mapping utilities to complete enterprise wide management systems.   Applications included:

- A standardized Geologic Symbol plotting program for the Oregon Department of Geology.

- A vessel based hydrographic survey module for the Hydrographic Survey Branch of NOAA in Seattle, WA.

- A logistics support application for the Warranty Service Center of JELD-WEN Corporation in Klamath Falls, OR

- An E911, Computer Aided Dispatch interface in use by a wide range of local law enforcement agencies throughout the western US.

- A crime analysis / statistical system.

- A GIS based timberland management / Forest Inventory system.

- An interactive image viewing and organizational application for Spencer B. Gross, Inc,  Portland, OR.

- Commercial GIS utilities in use worldwide in over 10 countries.

Data Directions provides development services for MapInfo Professional, MapX,    ESRI ArcGIS, ArcObjects, MapObjects, ArcPad, GoogleEarth, and Microsoft MapPoint software.   We also offer Web page development and maintenance services.

Software development services provided for the MapBasic, Borland Delphi, and MS Visual Studio.NET, Python, JavaScript, and HTML programming languages.   Data Directions maintains a large catalog of reusable code and may be able to develop your custom solution for much cheaper then you think.  Please email your ideas/questions to:  Sales@DataDirections.biz

Data Directions is committed to providing total and complete solutions focused specifically on the clients goals and needs.  If you have any questions on anything presented here, wish to purchase, sent a quote on any of the above products or wish to discuss your specific GIS needs please call:  (541) 345-4MAP or email: Sales@DataDirections.biz

In a hurry? Data Directions will gladly email you your desired software and documentation once your credit card details have been processed.

Visa/MC accepted.   accepted.

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