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  What we do....

Data Directions was established in 1992 with the exclusive business focus on technology related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. Data Directions provides consultations, systems analysis, user support, training, and applications development specific to GIS technology.  Additional services include GIS data acquisition, conversion, creation, and integration.    Over the years Data Directions has helped to establish numerous full scale GIS implementations both in private industry and the public sector.  Specific applications include Forestland/Timber management, Public Safety, Sales/Logistics support among others.    

Data Directions has developed and markets commercial GIS utilities which are sold and used worldwide by hundreds of GIS users and organizations.   Tony Cooley, founder of Data Directions, is an active member of ASPRS and has presented,  lectured and received recognition at several GIS conferences and events including:
  • June 2013, The Forestry Source - GIS for Foresters article.  DeLorme XMap GIS v8 Suite software review.  Download .pdf.
  • September  2011 & 2012, Field Technology, Remote Sensing and Mapping in Forestry Conference.  Session Presenter.
  • November  2010/ February & May 2011;  Lane Community College,  CIS 100 Guest Lecturer - Exploring Carreers in GIS.
  • October  2010, South Coast URISA GIS Users Group.  Session presenter.
  • August 2009,  Data Diretions selected for the Reseller Spotlight in the DeLorme Professional Newsletter.
  • June 2009, MapInfo/Pitney Bowes Insights-2009, Conference - Received Pitney Bowes/MapInfo "All Star Partner" Award.
  • February 2009,   Received certification as a GISP.  
  • May 2008, MapWorld-2008, Conference - Received Pitney Bowes/MapInfo "All Star Partner" Award.
  • May 2007, MapWorld-2007, Conference.  User Group Coordinator/presenter.
  • October  2005, South Coast URISA GIS Users Group.  Session presenter.
  • October 2003, The Form and Function of GIS and Forest Management, Conference.   Opening Speaker.
  • May 2001,  GIS in Action 2001, Conference.  Session presenter.
  • May 2001, Eastern Oregon GIS Conference Workshop presenter.
  • April 2000,  GIS in Action 2000, Conference.  Workshop presenter.
  • April 1998,  GIS in Action ‘98, Conference.  Workshop presenter.
  • January 1997,1998,1999; University of Oregon - Interpretation of Aerial Photography Course.  Guest Lecturer.
  • September 1996; Oregon Planning Institute - Making Connections, Conference.  Panelist.  
  • April 1996; Oregon URISA and Columbia River Region ASPRS - GIS in Action ’96, Conference.  Panelist.  
Data Direcitons is a State of Oregon, Certified Emerging Small Business.>NEW!!  Data Directions now offers access to on-demand, custom Site Analysis/Demographic maps and data.  For details click here:  Site Analysis/Demographic Maps.

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  Training and Consultations....

Data Directions offers on-site, customized, solutions based training in ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional and related products. Unlike "canned" training courses the emphasis of this training is centered around the clients goals for the software. As much as possible the clients actual data is incorporated into the training examples. Training preparation includes a survey and analysis of the clients current use and needs of GIS/Spatial Analysis. Training is then geared towards enhancing this use. A detailed statement from the client describing their use and goals for the technology along with sample data is requested. When applicable, additional training data is acquired and provided focused on the clients requirements to further enhance the training and value of the course. Training is provided on the version of software currently in use at the clients site.

As an authorized business partner for ArcGIS (Esri), MapInfo (Pitney Bowes Software), XMap (DeLorme) and other GIS related technologies, Data Directions is uniquely qualified to provide an unbiased approach to GIS consultations and deployment.  Data Directions provides training and assistance in transitioning from one GIS system to another or, to integrate several different systems into a single solution.  Please contact Data Directions at (541)-345-4MAP (4627) to discuss your specific needs. 

NEW!!  Click here to download a MapInfo to ArcGIS Command Reference Guide.  

Clients who have benefited from our Customized Training include:  QWest Wireless; The U. S. Federal Aviation Administration; Renton Technical College; Renton, WA.; Klickitat County; Goldendale, WA; City of Eugene Department of Public Safety; Eugene, OR; Douglas County Planning Department; Roseburg, OR; Linn-Benton Community College; Albany, OR, and International Paper Company among others.

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  Solutions Based Custom Application Development....

Data Directions provides development services for MapInfo Professional, MapX,  MapXtreme,  ESRI ArcGIS, ArcObjects, MapObjects, ArcPad, GoogleEarth, and other software.   We also offer Web page development and maintenance services.  Software development services provided using MapBasic, Borland Delphi, and MS Visual Studio.NET, Java Script and HTML programming languages.  

Data Directions maintains a huge library of mapping related software components. In many cases, due to the reusability of this code a customized solution can be developed for much less than you might expect.  Data Directions technology has been incorporated and used in raster map image products produced by Spencer B. Gross, Inc, Portland OR.   Further Data Directions has recently developed the MapInfo Extract utility for the new Mobile Mapping product Tierra Mapper, by Geo-Information Solutions  of Tucson, AZ as well as applications integrated in the the Sleuth products developed by Sleuth Software, Albuquerque, NM.

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  MapInfo / Forestry Users Group ....

Data Directions coordinates the MapInfo / Forestry Users Group.  This group is open to all people employing MapInfo technology for use in forestry or timberland management related activities.  The Users Group meetings offer an active forum where people with similar software needs and goals, can share ideas, solutions and discuss issues.  They also offer an opportunity to discover first hand what's new related to Forestry applications and MapInfo technology in general.

Please note: this group is in the process of expanding into a  Forestry GIS Users Group.  Time and place for the next meeting is yet to be determined.  

If you wish to be included in the groups email list or have suggestions for content please contact: Tony@DataDirections.biz We welcome your comments, questions,  input and ideas.

Links to summaries of past MapInfo/Forestry User Group meetings

February 26, 2003 - Organizational Meeting.

July 18, 2003 - Internet Resources

October 29, 2003 - Form and Function of GIS in Forest Management Conference.

March 4, 2005 - Port Blakely Tree Farms, Olympia, Washington.

June 6, 2006 - Oregon State University - College of Forestry.

May 9, 2007 - MapWorld-2007 - Seattle, Washington.

November 19, 2008 - GIS Day at GLT.

Questions? Call: @ (541) 345-4MAP.

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Sample Maps/Projects....

Check the links below  to display or for details on Data Directions recent GIS projects.

Data Directions Clientele Map

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     Business Partners....

Data Directions is partnered with the highest quality spatial technology providers in the industry today.  If we cannot provide a service ourselves we will with work a vendor to complement our services on behalf of our clients.  We are committed to providing total and complete solutions focused specifically on the clients goals and needs.   If you have any questions on anything presented here or wish to discuss your specific GIS needs please call: (541) 345-4MAP or email:

Data Directions Partners:
Pitney Bowes / MapInfo

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