GeoSymbol.mbx -

GeoSymbol.mbx has been created to provide and facilitate the creation, placement and maintenance of rotated geologic symbol tables within MapInfo. GeoSymbol.mbx provides a custom tool for the user to place geologic symbols.  This tool offers a dialog with which the user selects from a list the appropriate symbol to place, the size, color, rotation and dip attribute if any.   Symbols may also be selected from the standard symbol picker dialog.  Symbol, size, rotation, dip and station are maintained as attributes.  Additional options allow for the batch creation of geologic symbol tables from a predefined ASCII table and allow for the global conversion of symbol sizes for printing at varying map scales.  Price includes the TrueType GeoSymbol Font by Pangaea Scientific Software.

A sample of the place symbol dialog is presented below:


GeoSymbol retails for $199.00 + $5.00 for shipping/media/etc.

Questions, concerns or to purchase call:  (541) 345-4MAP or email: .


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