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The Featured Links!!

The Featured Link is provided to introduce you to places on the WEB you should find interesting, useful or
 informative.  This page maintains a list of past Featured Links.  If you have a suggestion of sites to include
for a future
Featured Link  please email: Tony@DataDirections.biz

Past Featured Links:

NOAA's National Weather Service - Comprehensive Interactive Weather Map. - Updated every hour, the service provides access to dozens of weather sensors. View contintntal US or Zoom into specfic regions for current conditions and predictions.

NY Times Interactive Map of the Japanese Earthquake - Google based, interactive map detailing the tragic events of the 3/11/11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The Geospatial Revolution! - Penn State ’s project to introduce the world to where we can go with GIS.  Worth the time to watch!!

Earth As Art - NASA and the USGS combine resources and bring you images of our earth as seen through Landsat – 7.

GeoMAC –  When it’s fire season this multi-agency, interactive map site can provide detailed, current information and display perimeter boundaries of active fires independently or in Google Earth.

Grime!   Yes, Grime.  Ever wonder what GIS program generated that funny file extension or what program may read and write that format?  Well find out in the GIS Related File Formats page at the Grime site.  That and more.  This page is a must have bookmark for any GIS Professional.

The Map Workspace
   New from Korem.  Join this on-line Mapping Community and publish your MapInfo Workspace on the Web.  Up to 50MB free.  Share with all or limit to a group.  More features soon.  Truly innovative!

On-Line Latitude/Longitude Converter.
   Free on-line utility from the FCC.  Converts Lat/Lon Decimal Degrees to Degrees/Minutes/Seconds and VisaVersa.

Map Color Brewer.  Tool from Penn State University to assist with choosing Map Color Schemes.

USGS Topographic Map Symbols! 
- Internal
link to .PDF document which details USGS symbology used for topographic maps.  Useful for map and design.
- Zillow!  The premier Internet based, nationwide, property appraiser.    Get home values, map locations, even display oblique aerial photography of entered addresses (where available).

- GIS Day!  GIS day is November 15.  This link provides details on worldwide GIS Day activities, offers opportunities to register your event, acquire
GIS Day presentation tools and more.  Celebrate Geography – recognize GIS Day!

- USDA Geospatial Data Gateway - Nationwide; request data for entire counties including NAIP aerial imagery, DRG's, Soil Surveys and more.   Pick up order via FTP.

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