Data Directions - MapBasic Software Bundle

MapBasic Utility Bundle

For just $99.00 choose any 3 software products from the list below:

WorldReg Version 4   Automated raster image registration software for MapInfo.

COGOLine Enhanced -  an improvement on the COGOLine program which ships with MapInfo Professional.

 TextLink - This utility will update attribute data of MapInfo region objects with text object values found within the regions.

 Win2Tab - Save the current Map Window as a registered MapInfo raster table and create ESRI compatible World File.  Download evaluation.

 HalfLine -  Provides a custom tool. Draw a line, the center point of the line is then marked with a selected symbol on the cosmetic layer.  

 Line2Pnt - Creates a table of points from an existing line table by creating points at nodes.

 ColorVal- Developers tool to compute RGB or BGR values from entered values or selected color.


Orders must be prepaid using Visa or MasterCard.   Products are provided via email and include documentation in MS Word format. Email request to (Split credit card details into 2 emails if concerned with security) or call (541) 345-4MAP with questions or to place your order.


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