WorldReg Version 4 - PLUS

Automated raster image registration software with Nautical Chart integration for MapInfo Professional.

For the first time Maptech/BSB digital nautical charts (KAP files)  raster nautical charts can be integrated with your MapInfo application. WorldReg Version 4- PLUS provides all the raster image functionality as WorldReg Version 4, and also includes a custom MapInfo Raster Handler by (PinPoint Systems International) enabling MapInfo Professional to display raster Nautical Charts.

WorldReg Version 4 - PLUS brings Nautical Images to MapInfo:

WorldReg Version 4 - PLUS runs within MapInfo and automatically creates the MapInfo Table from the integrated geo-reference information found in the nautical chart files.

The NEW WorldReg Version 4 features are also provided including:

-  Support for MrSid World Files (.sdw) for automated registration of MrSID format images.

-  Provides for batch conversions of coordinate system of registered raster tables.

- Offers an option to "Save Window as TAB", providing a means to create a registered Raster Image from all information currently displayed in the Map Window.

The features offered with WorldReg Version 3 are also provided which include:

- Support for standard Windows Shift/Control selection methods enabling users to select and process dozens of files with just a few key strokes.
- The ability to create a MapInfo "seamless" table incorporating all files in the process batch.
- The option to set "White" pixels as transparent at the time of raster table creation.
- Eliminates directory details in the MapInfo Table, if the Raster image and the MapInfo Table are found in the same location. This allows for the future transferring of files to alternate locations without the need of modifying the MapInfo Table.

In addition to the BSB/KAP and the NOAA NOS/GEO file formats WorldReg Version 4- PLUS also supports the World File (.TFW, .BLW, .JPW, .SDW, Etc.), the BIL Header file (.HDR), and GEOTiff Version 1 reference formats. For nautical charts with unsupported reference information, the user may access the MapInfo projection file to select and use any defined coordinate systems throughout the world.


WorldReg Version 3 -PLUS  is in use throughout the world.  Satisfied users include:

Data Directions can also provide geo-referenced raster nautical charts throughout the world and custom scanning services. Call for details.

WorldReg Version 4 - PLUS retails for $149.00 + $8.00 for shipping/media/etc.

Call for special MapInfo/WorldReg Version 4 - PLUS bundle pricing.

Direct questions / concerns or to  purchase call:  (541) 345-4MAP or email: .

WorldReg Ver. 4 - PLUS requires MapInfo Professional Version 4.5 or higher.


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