Timberland Inventory and Management.

Since 1992 Data Directions has provided GIS Programs and Services supporting  timberland management for companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Recently Data Directions has released 2 new MapInfo based applications to streamline standard GIS tasks performed by foresters, provide tools to assist with timber harvest planning and analysis, offer a means to standardize and simplify hardcopy map production and to provide an automated link to the powerful and flexible MS Access based Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS), by Forest Biometrics.

For details on these 2 new programs click below:

FPSLink  -  Timberland management tool providing a means to help quantify the integrity of your GIS data as related to the Inventory data.  Provides automated buffer creation.  Offers tools for Harvest Unit planning and analysis and to automatically reflect current harvest activity with the current inventory.

MapPrint -  The MapPrint program has been developed for the forestry profession to provide an automated / assisted means to create hardcopy maps and / or quickly set up the MapInfo system with data for specific user requirements. The program offers batch printing capabilities and also has the ability to link to and report data from the MS-Access based Forest Projection System (FPS). Further routines are also provided to assist with the creation and definition of a Stands Treatment Layer as well as routines to create Stand Treatment maps.

The FPSLink and MapPrint programs require MapInfo Version 6.5 or higher.  

For additional information or a free consultation on how FPSLink or MapPrint may fit your organization, please contact  Data Directions at:  (541) 345-4MAP, or email: Sales@DataDirections.biz.

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