DeLorme Earthmate PN-Series GPS Press and User comments....

(September, 2012) - DeLorme InReach Wins Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Award - Emergency Response.  (click to read article)

(August, 2010)me Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator wins "Best in Show" Award at Outdoor Reatiler.

(August, 2009) - Data Directions selected for the Reseller Spotlight in the DeLorme Professional Newsletter.  (click to read article)

(August, 2009) - "When I got back to my office, I downloaded the features from each device in hopes  of making a nice topo map.  The DeLorme PN-40 was the only package that allowed me to make such maps -- the other makes/models required me to purchase extra mapping software."  - Tree Farmer magazine article "Testing GPS Handhelds in the Woods".  Of the 5 units evaluated, the DeLorme PN-40 was the reccomended Unit when considering "...cost, expandability, and critical features for Tree Farm mapping...".  (Click to download full article 2.7mb)

(August, 2008) - "The PN-20 excels at displaying detailed topo maps, aerial photos, and satellite images. It includes DeLorme's Topo USA 7.0 software, which makes exchanging mapping information between your PC and the PN-20 easy. You also get $100 credit toward downloading aerial images. The page and menu system is refreshingly simple, and the color display is clear and bright."  - Field & Stream.

(July, 2008) - "The DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20 combines USGS data with the company's own frequently updated trail and street networks, meaning it displays routes that aren't yet on official maps. You can also load it with high-resolution satellite or aerial photos, street grids, scanned USGS topos, and NOAA nautical charts, making the waterproof, five-ounce PN-20 the most powerful backcountry GPS we’ve tested. Map geeks: if you live by contour lines, this is your unit."  - Outdoor Magazine.

(July, 2008) - “If you are a Garmin 60CSx owner (or similar) and have been waiting for something new, but were turned off by the Colorado or Oregon for some reason, yet needing to maintain the supreme accuracy the 60CSx offered, the PN-40 won’t likely disappoint you either. The PN-40 enjoys accuracy on par with the 60CSx and better than what I’ve experienced with the Colorado. It doesn’t have the big screen, but what is on the screen is better. Nobody in the market today comes close to the (PN-40’s) rich map options in a rock solid handheld GPS." -

(December, 2007)
- Selected "the most innovative handheld GPS of 2007" by

(October, 2007)
- A western Oregon forest field test, on a steep, densely covered, north slope, comparing the Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx, with the Delorme Earthmate GPS PN-20 resulted in no significant difference in terms of GPS signal acquisition time, accuracy, or reception strength between the 2 units and resulted in the following comment:"...Delorme advantages are 1) Background topo maps are markedly superior. 2) waypoint averaging is significantly faster 3) aerial photo backgrounds are very helpful  4) the ability to display our GIS lines and points is a great productivity enhancement feature 5) the Delorme screen is  a bit nicer to look at as well. The only disadvantage he noted was a somewhat slower screen redraw rate (not enough to be frustrating but still noticeable)..."

(May, 2007) - "Think Google Earth for the palm of your hand." - National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

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