COGOLine Enhanced!

COGOLine_DMS is an improvement on the COGOLine program which ships with MapInfo Professional. This enhanced version provides for angle entries in either Bearings or Azimuths to support survey calls.  Additional enhancements include the ability to choose the line type to create and the ability to "undo" the previous line drawn.


By default the "end point" of the most recently placed line is used as the beginning of the next line to place and the dialog remains in place. All entries are tracked in the MapInfo Message Window for easy review.  This tool greatly increases the efficiency and utility of the COGOLine operations.

COGOLine_DMS.mbx is offered at 59.00 plus $8.00 shipping, media, etc.

Requires MapInfo Professional Version 4.5 or higher.

Questions or to purchase call:  (541) 345-4MAP or Email:

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