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Multiple Samples..

This 5MB pdf file presents a
variety of samples focused on
Downtown Eugene.  Included
is a Traffic Map, Tapestry
Segmentation profile and a
Demographic and Income report.

  Enhanced Site Map.

Multi-site, Enhanced Site Map.
Map shows Existing Lane
County Fairgrounds location
and new 'proposed' County
Fairgrounds location. 
1, 3 and 5 mile radius

  GlobeXplorer Site Map

Proposed New  Lane County
Fairgrounds site  shown with
detailed GlobeXplorer Image.

  Traffic Count Map

Traffic Count Map for new
proposed Lane County
Fairgrounds location.

Demographic & Income.

Demographic and Income
Profile for proposed Lane
County Fairgrounds Site.
Details for 1,3, & 5 mile radius.
Very popular report.

Tapestry Segmentation Report.

Detailed demographic population
segmentation analysis for 1, 3,
and 5 mile radus of proposed
Fairgrounds Site.

  Thematic Map. - Drive Time.

Median Household Income
thematic map with 1,2 and 3
minute drivetime polygons
for selected site.  Census
Block Groups themed.

Map - Analysis Rings

Population by ZIP Code
thematic map with 5, 10 and
15 mile analysis rings
displayed.  Includes 15 pages
of  free and detailed demographic
data from 2000 census for
each ring around selected site.
   Thematic Map.

 3.5 MB .pdf file representing
All reports Census based
reports available at no cost.