Business Analyst Online

As an ESRI Business Partner, Data Directions provides demographic and business reports and maps for informed business decisions.  Use the links provided for access to Business Analyst Online.  

Business Analyst Online combines GIS technology with extensive, up to date,  demographic, consumer, and business data to deliver more than 50 reports and maps over the Web. ESRI updates the data annually to assure access to the most current and accurate data. Since Business Analyst Online is hosted by ESRI, you don't have to worry about managing data or technology updates.

Business Analyst Online provides reports and maps to help you understand the lifestyle and buying behaviors of the households in your market and answer such questions as where to find optimal sites for new store locations, how to market effectively to specific customer segments, and how to profile your best customers and find more like them.

Basic, one year subscriptions start at just $995.00 for unlimited use or purchase a Day Pass for just $149.00.   Maps and reports are created quickly and delivered via the Internet in .pdf or .xls format.    All work is saved for reuse so expanding a study area is easy on future visits.   A variety of Sample projects are presented on the right side of this page.   Click the image to download the report.

With Business Analyst Online, you can...

  • Analyze trade areas.
  • Evaluate competitors.
  • Create detailed Traffic Maps and Profiles.
  • Identify new store locations.
  • Find new customers.
  • Include current Aerial Imagery.
  • Target direct mail.
  • Reveal untapped markets.

Specify your site by address, intersection, latitude/longitude, direct map selection or upload existing GIS data to analyze multiple sites on a single map.   Detailed current year estimates and future year projections of demographic data is used to analyze selected sites for drive time regions, ring buffers, or even hand drawn regions.  Choose from over 50 types of demographic reports and maps.  

Business Analyst Online is cost effective, available for unlimited use via an annual subscription or for simple/one time projects, by purchasing individual reports/maps or a  Day Pass.   Business Analyst Online costs nothing to try, simply create a Global ESRI account and start exploring.  In fact you can even create and download  free demographic reports from the 1990 and 2000 Census data for your defined study areas at absolutely no cost.  Use the links below and try it today!!.

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